Hailing from the west coast, Heavy Velvet is a rock band rooted in soul, blues, and gritty rock and roll.  Its members include guitarist David Kent, vocalist Erika Leigh, bass guitarist Hasma Angeleno, and drummer Xavier Cruz.

David Kent is originally from Visilia CA and previously was producer and engineer for the California-based psych band Slow Season (RidingEasy Records).  He has recorded and toured extensively since the groups formation in 2012, both in America and abroad.

Erika Leigh grew up in Houston TX and Boston MA and graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Music Industry.  Previous groups included  A.M.H.A.D., Electric Parlour and Chainflower (whose members include Brandon Pertzborn-Misfits) , Eliot Lorango-Dorothy, and Kelly Wheeler).  Chainflower’s debut EP was engineered by producer Doug Grean  (Stone Temple Pilots, Sheryl Crow and Cyndi Lauper, among others). 

Originally from Italy, Hasma Angeleno is the former singer/bassist for the European band What A Funk, and former bass player for Crazy Town (USA). 

Xavier Cruz grew up in Denver CO and graduated from Musicians Institute in Hollywood with a degree in Music where he studied drums and music production.  He is an engineer/producer for the L.A. based label Vogue House Sounds and he is also a co-writer/instrumentalist for the indie rock band The Ivories. 

Erika initially met David while attending a Slow Season show in downtown Los Angeles and she met Hasma several years ago through their similar projects in the L.A. music scene.  With the addition of Xavier, the band's combined synergies easily came together with a notable, bold, soulful blues rock style.

All band members connected over a mutual passion for rock and blues classics such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Howlin’ Wolf and Cream. 

Heavy Velvet aims to harness the nostalgic energy of the classics while exploring new uncharted territory through raw, explosive rock and roll energy, and an unforgiving live performance.