The Itch EP

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Taking notes from rock titans like Led Zeppelin and Dead Weather; Heavy Velvet entwines sonic elements of grunge, psych, and blues to create a rock and roll sound all their own. Unrelenting riffs lay the foundation for fiery and sultry vocal stylings. Heavy Velvet aims to harness the nostalgic energy of the classics while exploring uncharted territory through raw, explosive rock and roll energy, and an unforgiving live performance. Lead singer Erika Leigh sets the tone as soon as she steps foot on stage, commanding the crowd and delivering a combination of violence and serenity. Lead guitarist David Kent drives the groove with bold riffs and melodies that establish a divergent style and destinctive tone. Rhythm section Arturo Saucedo III and Justin Sedillo are a dynamic duo, bringing a compelling and energetic force to solidifying the sound. Heavy Velvet exudes ruthless soul to a rock sound that is both brutally bold and heartfully brash. 

Press / Reviews

Outsider is big, loud, wall-shaking California-infernal rock'n'roll that will rattle the fillings in your teeth and provide new hope to the wretched” - Joe Matera
Heavy Velvet, sonic fabric for any royalty ” - David Wilburn

— Realm Drifter Magazine

Get Rocked Band to Watch ”

— Classic Rock Magazine

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